You & your Credit Score

If you’ve had credit in the past but no longer use credit cards, or you have closed accounts on your report, there won’t be recent activity to produce a score for you. And even if you have recent credit activity, you still may not have scores if your lenders don’t report to the bureaus.

A credit score is a number, typically between 300 and 850, intended to help potential lenders assess your creditworthiness. Your credit score is based on some of the information contained in your credit report, and it acts as a snapshot of your credit status at the point in time when a lender requests the score.

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Credit scores represent your creditworthiness and indicate the likelihood that you will repay a debt as agreed. Learn more about your credit score factors.

Your credit report tells potential lenders how responsible you've been with credit in the past. Lenders can legally request this document to assess how risky it is.

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It's important to know your credit score, and thankfully there are many options for checking it for free. Here's why you may want to check more.

Viewing your credit history – as shown on your credit reports – and your credit scores may help you understand your current credit position. Generally speaking, a credit score is a three-digit number designed to represent your credit risk (the likelihood you’ll pay your bills on time).

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Do you know the different ways to check credit scores? There are many different types of credit scores and credit scoring models. learn about the different.

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Instantly get your free credit score from Credit Karma and track your score whenever you want. No credit card needed.

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Your credit score is more than just a number. It represents how reliable a borrower you are and how well (or poorly) you manage your debt.

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