Will A Mistake In A Party’s Name Prevent Enforcement Of Florida Contracts?

Both parties must know and understand all the essential terms of the contract to make it enforceable. If either or both parties made a mistake regarding a term or terms of the contract, the contract may be "rescinded," meaning not enforceable. There are two defenses regarding mistakes: mutual mistake and unilateral mistake.

Consider the following points when modifying a contract after signing: Take note of whether any party, including yourself, has already begun performing their contractual duties. For example, if the opposite party has already delivered a product, make sure to take note of the delivery.

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All businesses inherently deal with contracts, even if they are unwritten, as with many transactions involving goods or services. Since a contract is a legally binding agreement, and even an honest contractual mistake can cause serious problems, it is crucial that small business owners have at least a basic understanding of contract law.

How does a mistake affect the enforceability of an agreement? The agreement of parties may be affected by the fact that one or both of them made a mistake. A unilateral mistake is a mistake made by one party to the agreement. A mistake that is unknown to the other party usually does not affect the enforceability of the agreement.

South Florida Trial Practice. Home When Does an Employer’s Conduct Prevent Enforcement of a Florida Non-Compete Agreement?. courts must consider all relevant legal and equitable defenses available to a party who is defending against enforcement of a non-compete agreement.

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Absence of Mutual Assent. A meeting of the minds, or mutual assent, means parties freely agree to the terms of the contract, exactly as the contract is written. In cases where there’s been a mistake, a misrepresentation, a non-disclosure or fraud, there is no meeting of the minds.

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