Lewis: Wells Fargo so big its suing itself

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For a general overview of the activities of the current company see the main entry under Wells Fargo.. This article outlines the history of Wells Fargo & Company from its origins to its merger with Norwest Corporation and beyond. The new company chose to retain the name of "Wells Fargo" and so this article also includes the history after the merger.

The luxury real estate revival is being fueled, in part, by another resurgence: so-called jumbo mortgages – those loans, typically over $417,000, that are too big to qualify. Mortgage market leader.

The company has also been unable to separate itself from perceptions of other similarly-large banks among consumers. Alongside J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, and Citigroup, Wells Fargo. so much that.

A property is being foreclosed on, Wells Fargo owns the loan on the 80 loan and one of its subsidiaries owns the loan on the 20 HELOC. Its customary during the foreclosure process, that the mortgage company sue everyone who has a lien against the property. Since Wells Fargo #2 also has a lien, Wells Fargo is suing itself.

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Wells Fargo’s (WFC) first, and possibly the most important, operational strategy is focusing on cross-selling. It’s the most important pillar of its operational strategy.

Pimco sues Wells Fargo, claims MBS trustee ‘looted’ trusts to pay legal fees. supposed to protect to indemnify itself and to finance its actual and expected defense costs," the complaint.

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Jan 11 (Reuters) – Wells Fargo & Co’s. benefited from growth in its independent brokerage unit. Wells is the only one of the top four U.S. brokerages – so-called “wirehouse” firms because of their.

Wells Fargo sues itself. Wells Fargo is suing itself to clear title on a property in order to foreclose on it; as the first mortgage holder, it must sue all subsequent mortgage holders, including.

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wells fargo bank Sues Itself 445 Posted by samzenpus on Monday July 13, 2009 @01:37PM from the so-crazy-it-just-might-work dept. Extreme economic problems require extreme solutions, and Wells Fargo Bank has come up with a good one.

And then Wells Fargo hired another Tampa law firm — Kass, Shuler, Solomon, Spector, Foyle & Singer P.A. — to defend itself against its own lawsuit, according to court documents.

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