Easy Ways To avoid Hemorrhoids

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One of the worst things you can do for hemorrhoids is to try to “hold it” to avoid the pain, which can cause constipation.

6 Easy Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids 1. Fill Up on Fiber. Hemorrhoids are more likely to occur in people who have infrequent bowel. 2. Drink Enough Water. This hemorrhoid prevention strategy is simple and cheap, 3. Get Plenty of Exercise. According to Dr. 4. Be Careful When It Comes to.

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The next set of foods to avoid with hemorrhoids are excessively spicy foods. These can be good in moderation, but in excess they tend to tear up the lining of your stomach and intestines. Again, if they irritate the lining of your stomach or intestines, the inflammation and increased blood pressure can reach all the way to your hemorrhoids.

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 · Easy Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Avoid Sitting for Long Periods of Time. Practice Your Kegel Exercises at Least Fifty Times a Day. Keep Your Bowel Movements Frequent and Loose. Use Soft Scent-and-Dye-Free Toilet Tissue..

 · Constipation and the straining associated with passing hard stools is widely believed to cause hemorrhoids to swell and to aggravate existing hemorrhoids. As the stool passes, pressure and friction can rupture the hemorrhoid and cause pain and bleeding. By treating constipation, the patient can keep the internal hemorrhoids from bleeding.

 · How To Prevent Hemorrhoids The best ways to prevent hemorrhoids are to maintain a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. Eat lots of high-fiber foods (especially from plants) and drink plenty of water to keep the digestive process moving correctly and prevent constipation.

Avoid Constipation. So the best way to avoid hemorrhoids is to avoid constipation. There are three main things you can do to avoid constipation. Eat plenty of high fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Get about half an hour of exercise most days of the week. Drink plenty of water or healthy liquids.

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