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Inca architecture includes some of the most finely worked stone structures from any ancient civilization. Inca buildings were almost always practical and pleasing to the eye. They are also remarkably uniform in design with even grand imperial structures taking on a similar look to more humble.

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Some of Peru’s architecture is breathtaking; the colonial city of Arequipa is the perfect example. White cathedrals and facades rise out of the cobblestone streets, and there are architectural treasures dotting the winding avenues, from old monasteries and mansions to cottages.

Travel Machu Picchu. The Inca citadel is located 80 km northwest the city of Cusco, it sits majestically between the mountains of Machu Picchu and Wuayna Picchu in the most unreachable area of the urubamba river. machu picchu sectors. There are two sectors in Machu Picchu, each sector was constructed on a natural division due to a geological fault.

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Inca Architecture. Through ayllus and mita labor or tribute they were able to organize their manpower in extraordinary numbers necessary to build such labor intensive monuments. The strongest males were chosen and it was an honor to be part of the team as they were building temples dedicated to Inca Gods.

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 · Known as the White City, Arequipa is the third largest city in Peru, after Lima and Cuzco. The city is famous for its historical centre, which has been awarded the status of a World Heritage Site. It retains much of the colonial architecture of the Spanish,

Cornell University. AAP Architecture Art · planning. des gasper: displacement and Development Ethics: Theories and Two Peruvian Cases. Lecture. April 9.

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Kalpana Sunder Close by is the Peruvian House of Literature -Lima’s old train station with a stained glass ceiling, which was restored in 2009 and turned into a library. Walk to Plaza San Martín,

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